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Our Expertise

We aim to deliver more than quality products and support our clients through a 360° solution, from the design to the installation and maintenance.

Equip Chef Cover You 360

Store Planning & Product Design

Starting from a floor plan of your sale space, we will create an installation project which combines hot, cold and neutral equipment according to your objectives and budget.

Our design team helps you to find the ideal equipment or create new display concepts to meet your targets. We provide you CAD drawings as well as 3D designs to help visualize your project.

Equip Chef, through SIS Group, is part of FCSI, International largest expert’s network for consultancy, advices and support to various kitchen projects.

EquipChef Our Expertise 3D Rendering
EquipChef Our Expertise Manufacturing And Distribution

Manufacturing & distribution

We have our own in-house facilities to fabricate custom made equipment to suit exactly to your shop requirements at the best cost.

If you cannot find an appropriate reference in our catalogue, we will look for the right product from our partnering brands. Tell us your day to day operations and we will assist to select the right equipment that will match your usage and enable you to grow your business.


Professional design and equipment needs a knowledgeable installation team to put together a functional kitchen keeping in mind practicality, safety and hygiene.  

In the Asian region we import, install and maintain our equipment through our own subsidiaries and teams in Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. We install your kitchen equipment with great care and precision and train your floor staff on how to use and clean the equipment. 

For international sales, we consolidate your project in our warehouse in France or in China and deliver almost anywhere in the world. We help you install through an increasing number of qualified local service points, and provide all technical support through our helpdesk. Contact us for more details in your country.

EquipChef Our Expertise Professional Installation
EquipChef Our Expertise After Sales And Maintenance

After Sales & Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your equipment will not only make your equipment last longer, it will also help to save costs on energy consumption and major parts replacement.

Contact us to discover the package of our local service points for corrective maintenance and preventive maintenance.

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